Tips for Flying between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

As the title of this blog suggests, I'm from KL and live in Singapore. My family and I travel regularly between these two cities. We have always taken the flight from the world famous Changi Airport to KLIA. But did you know there is another option?

 Go to Google Flights and search for XSP (Seletar Airport) to SZB (Subang Jaya Airport). A round trip here only costs SGD136!

Unforunately booking from Firefly directly is more expensive but includes free check-in luggage. If you only need hand carry luggage, you can get it cheaper by booking through Of course, this means it's not refundable and not able to easily make changes.

Here is why I think this route is awesome:
  • Airports are smaller and you don't need to walk hundreds of metres to reach your gate
  • Airport location is closer to town or my home in this case.
I made my Agoda flight booking through Shopback and got a further 1.5% cashback. Hotel bookings get 5.5%, which can add up to a substantial amount of savings!

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The whole journey can be completed with about 40-60% time savings depending on your where you stay. Saving time and money is a WIN for me! So consider this route the next time if you plan to travel between Malaysia and Singapore. ;)


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