If you are looking for the best dry beef noodles in Kuala Lumpur, look no further than Shin Kee in Petaling Street. This humble stall has been serving up delicious noodles for decades, and I can't get enough of them. Here's why I love Shin Kee and why you should try it too.

First of all, the minced beef. It's so tender and juicy, with a rich umami flavour that coats every strand of noodles. I usually order yellow noodles or kuey teow, or mix them together for more texture. I personally prefer the yellow noodles, because they are homemade and have a nice bite to them.

Secondly, the soup. It's not just a plain broth, but a flavourful concoction of beef stock, herbs and spices. You can sip it on its own, or dip your noodles in it for more moisture. The soup also comes with beef slices and beef balls, which are soft and bouncy. They add more protein and satisfaction to your meal.

Let's not forget the chilli that goes so well with the noodles. It's gives some heat to the noodle and a tangy taste that just makes me want more.

I highly recommend it to anyone who loves noodles, beef or both. The portions are generous, the prices are reasonable, and the taste is amazing. I'm still hoping that one day I can find such beef noodles in Singapore.

Locate the stall on Google Maps

Address: Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Beef Noodles
7a, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock,
City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,
Opening Hours: 10:30AM-06:00PM
(Closed on Wednesdays)


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