Maternity Hospital Packing List for Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) Singapore

Since I gave birth in TMC, I thought it would be useful to share a comprehensive list of things to bring along and pack. I started packing around 1-2 months before delivery so it wouldn't be a last minute rush. Plus, you never know if baby decides to come earlier than planned.  Things that I actually used and things that I didn't.

We brought a trolley bag, another box for the Spectra pump, a diaper backpack and a car seat.

This binder is a must if you are going for C-section!

✅  Spectra breastpump and bottle - there will be a lactation consultant visiting you during your stay so she can show you how to use it if needed. I had no milk supply in the first 2 days, so this is just to help stimulate and signal to your brain to start producing.

✅  Silverette cup - worn this since day one 24/7 to protect and heal my nipples!

❓  Syringe Hakaa colostrum - I didn't have colostrum in the first few days, but if you do you can bring it along to feed your newborn right away.

✅  Binder P’feather (as shown in the photo above). I bought it cheaper from when they have sales online every month. If you get directly from the hospital the charges are higher. I brought this to the operating theatre and the nurse put it on for me immediately after the surgery when I was still on the operating table. It helps to keep your wounds closed and reduces pain.

❓  Pads - The hospital will provide maternity pads, so up to you whether you want to use your own e.g. Kotex overnight panties.

✅  Toothbrush and toothpaste

✅  Skincare

✅  Car seat carrier - If you are taking normal taxis this is not mandatory, it's only required for Private Hire Vehicles and personal vehicles. I brought it as I felt it was safer for baby and we did use it! This is very easy to install with a seatbelt. Another great but more expensive option to consider is the Doona+ Car Seat Stroller.

✅  Diaper cream - I brought Mustela and still using it for our baby today after a year. Thomson's essentials goodie bag includes diaper cream, so you could use that.

❓  Thermal flask - I didn't use it, but if you want LOTS of red date tea, you can use this to store.

✅  Diaper backpack - if you need extra storage space. You can claim a free diaper bag from Similac!

✅  Sunflower Lecithin from Legendairy Milk - started taking immediately after giving birth to reduce the occurence of clogs

❓  Wet wipes - also provided in TMC's goodie bag, no need to bring your own

✅  Clothes - I wore the hospital gown throughout the stay, so only discharge clothes are required

   ✅ Adult discharge clothes

   ✅ Mittens and booties

   ✅ Baby discharge clothes - your baby can wear TMC's romper home, but you could bring your own if you want

   ✅ Bottle brush and detergent - if you used the pump, you would need to wash the flange and bottles. This portable bottle brush set is super handy - comes with a built-in drying rack and would be useful when you go travel!

✅ Phone charger

✅ Power adaptor with long cable - the power plug is very far behind at the wall behind your bed, so bringing your own will allow easy access to charge you and your spouse's electronic devices :)

❗🗎 Documents 

✅ Medical records (if any)

✅ Admission letter

✅ Pre-natal medical bills for Medisave claim which will be processed at the counter.

✅ Cord blood donation form - we decided to donate the cord blood to SBCC


✅ Wallet and credit card to pay your hospital bill


Once you check in to your room, you can ask the staff for your goodie bag already which consists of a lot of essentials like diaper cream, wet wipes, nipple cream, adult body wipes etc. We had so many things to carry home compared to when we arrived (including a 3kg baby), so try to pack light especially if you are not driving. 😅

Tip: On day 1, register your baby for a free newborn photoshoot at TMC. The photographer will take it at the nursery and after a few weeks you can collect it. I ended buying additional photos because they were so cute.. 😙

Another question often asked was "How much was the hospital bill?" Here's a quick summary:

Room type: Single bedder premium

Hope this helps! Did I miss anything or do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments section below 🗎


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