Baby Tracker app review for iOS and Android

During confinement my PEM nanny logged all our baby's stats on sheets of paper.. It was not the most convenient as we had to go to baby's room to find the sheet and then when we are out we couldn't check when was her last feed or sleep was etc. And we had to manually sum up the total volume of milk that she drank. Finally we decided it was time to move to all this activity to an app!

Several of my mummy friends recommends this reliable and easy-to-use baby tracker app, which I will be reviewing here. I have been using it for about a year now and I am very happy with it. Here are some of the features that I like about this app:

#1 It can be used for multiple children. You can create separate profiles for each of your kids and track their activities separately. This is very useful if you have twins or more than one child under the age of two.

#2 It can be logged into multiple devices for syncing data between a few caregivers. You can share your account with your partner, nanny, grandparents or anyone else who takes care of your baby. They can log in with their own devices and update the data in real time. This way, you can always stay on the same page and avoid confusion or miscommunication.

#3 It covers all the main aspects such as feeding, sleep, diaper change, pumping and growth milestones. You can record the time, duration, amount and type of each activity with a few taps. You can also add notes or photos to each entry if you want to. The app also reminds you of the next feeding or diaper change based on your baby's schedule and preferences.

#4 It can see charts to view your data visually. You can access various charts and graphs that show you the trends and patterns of your baby's activities over time. You can filter the data by day, week, month or custom range. You can also compare the data of different children or different activities. This helps you to monitor your baby's progress and development and spot any issues or anomalies.

Overall, the free version of the app has met all my requirements. The full paid version removes ads and unlocks some extra features such as exporting data to PDF or CSV, customizing themes and sounds, backing up data to cloud or email, etc. But I don't feel the need to upgrade as the free version works fine for me.

I think this is a great app for any parent who wants to keep track of their baby's activities and growth. It is user-friendly, comprehensive and accurate. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a baby tracker app.

Baby Tracker - Newborn Log
Download Baby Tracker app for iOS here and Android here


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