A Year with the Imani i2+: Unleashing the Freedom of Wearable Breast Pumping


As a new mum on a breastfeeding journey, I sought a breast pump that would adapt to my active lifestyle without compromising on performance. After a thorough search and recommendations from fellow mummies, I discovered the Imani i2+ Wearable Breast Pump, and for the past year, it has been my trusted companion. I'll be documenting my comprehensive review here, highlighting its pros and some cons to help you decide if this is suitable for you.


Unmatched Wearable Convenience

The Imani i2+ shines in its wearability, allowing me to move freely around the house while pumping with just a nursing bra. It's a true game-changer, granting me the flexibility to accomplish household chores, work on my laptop and tend to my little one with ease. I was even able to bring it along on a week-long overseas trip effortlessly – it's that travel-friendly!

Comfortable and Adjustable Design

The pump's silicon flanges have proven to be remarkably comfortable during extended pumping sessions. With adjustable sizing inserts, I can customize it to fit my needs, ensuring a snug and secure fit for optimal milk expression. The shield that came with my set was 25mm and comes with 21mm inserts but you can purchase other sizes easily.

Durable Spare Parts and Versatility

The Imani i2+ boasts lasting spare parts, requiring minimal replacements. So far, I've only needed to purchase a replacement for the handsfree cap, which have proven to be both sturdy and affordable. Additionally, the pump's versatility allows it to connect seamlessly to other popular pumps like Spectra with the handsfree cap, enhancing suction strength and efficiency. You can also buy the wearable cups without the pump if you already have other pumps.

High Performance and Long-lasting Battery

During my use of the portable pump, I achieved an impressive 90-95% yield compared to my heavy and trusty Spectra S1+. The battery life is exceptional, easily lasting for more than four 20-minute sessions each before requiring a charge, depending on the suction level used. It comes with USB-C port for charging. The latest version comes with the charging dock.

User-Friendly Features and Affordable Pricing

The Imani i2+ comes with a convenient display screen showing a timer, mode options (massage or express), and adjustable suction levels. It automatically turns off after 20 minutes, ensuring ease of use and safety. Considering all these impressive features, the pump is reasonably priced at around $250 or less during monthly sales online.


Bulky Size and Limited Features

The Imani i2+'s cups are slightly bulky in size which may make it less appealing for use outside the house. While perfect for indoor pumping, I prefer a more discreet option if want to be on the move.

Additionally, the absence of app connectivity or Bluetooth, as well as a memory feature to store preferred settings, while also requiring manual adjustments between massage and express modes may mean that you can't just hit start and forget about it. I usually multi-task and do something else while pumping, so I occasionally end up forgetting to change the mode at the 2 minutes mark.

Note: Steam sterilization is NOT supported and it may break. You can boil it instead and then proceed to put in your dryer. I used Haenim UV sterilizer and so far there have been no issues.

Comparison with Elvie Stride

Having used both the Imani i2+ and Elvie Stride, I found the Imani to be a better choice in several aspects. It outperformed the Elvie Stride in terms of battery life, affordability and durable spare parts, and overall wallet-friendliness.

However, the Elvie Stride proved to be lighter, cups were slimmer, featured app connectivity via Bluetooth, and allowed steam sterilization. It also automatically changed modes after two minutes, providing an added touch of convenience. The Elvie Stride is my preferred choice to bring to office.


As a year-long user of the Imani i2+ Wearable Breast Pump, I can confidently say that this device has improved my breastfeeding experience. Its convenience, portability, and performance have granted me the freedom to embrace my motherhood journey while working or caring for my baby. Though it may not be the ideal choice for outings, its numerous pros make it an exceptional investment.

In comparison to the Elvie Stride, the Imani i2+ shines in affordability, durability, and overall value for money. For all the mums seeking a wearable breast pump that delivers exceptional results without breaking the bank, the Imani i2+ is an excellent choice.

Get ready to embrace the freedom of wearable pumping with the Imani i2+ – a reliable companion for your breastfeeding journey.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I purchased this 1 year ago online on my own.


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