Collection of free diapers and baby product samples for Singapore mummies

When I first found out I was pregnant, one of the things that I was most excited about was to get some baby product samples! Who doesn't love freebies? Here I've compiled a list of brands in Singapore that offer goodie bags / samples to mummies who are expecting a little one soon and the registration links!

1. Huggies Club <— click here to join!

Our baby started using Huggies Naturemade diapers since she was born as that's what the hospital provided, so we knew this diaper worked well for her. Register on their website for free samples every few months as your baby grows! Look out for their emails and SMS too for promo codes that can be used on their Huggies official store.

2. Nestle Baby Club

I received a nice pink box filled with goodies. One of the items inside was the Nestle MOM maternal milk worth $25. There were some diaper samples included as well. Throughout my pregnancy I tried various maternal milk as I felt that it could give me the added nutrition and calcium to fuel my growing baby in the womb. I still continued drinking it after delivery when I was breastfeeding!

When baby is around 6 months old, they automatically send you another goodie bag, this time with some products useful for a weaning baby. There was a Merries diaper sample, Gerber rice cereal and a cooler bag which I'm sure it'll come in handy 👍

3. Similac Mum

This came with a free diaper bag which I've seen many parents using around Singapore as well as a tin of vanilla/strawberry flavoured maternal milk, some diapers sample, wet bag and more. Very practical and would be useful for soon-to-be mummies!

4. Merries samples

Many mums have recommended this brand as it has worked for them. There are some very good carton deals on Lazada for Merries so do check it out if you use this brand for your baby

5. Mamypoko samples

If you are a regular MamyPoko user, download their app to earn points for each packet of Mamypoko diapers purchased. So far we've used Mamypoko Airfit diapers and they worked quite well for us as it's thin and airy without compromising on protection.

6. Drypers samples

Drypers offer a few different ranges from the highest end Skinature > Touch > Drypantz/Wee Wee Dry. If your baby has more sensitive skin then Skinature is the way to go! Drypers is a Malaysian brand and I've found the prices there to be much cheaper. So stock up if you are driving in.

7. Wyeth mama goodie bag

This bag had a few different items such as the Promama Maternal milk, portable diaper changing mat, Biba diaper samples (renamed from Beaba) and some vouchers!

When baby turns one year old, you can sign up for their Wyeth S-26 formula sample too.

8. Shopee Mum's Club

Shopee Mum's Club registration is free and you get to collect additional vouchers every month specially baby products. It'll definitely come in handy when you need to stock up on your LO's supplies!

9. Hipp Baby Club

Receive a free customised gift box when you register with us. Each gift box contains HiPP products and HiPP exclusive merchandise when you register as a Baby Club member.

11. Karihome <-- Request sample here

If your LO is above 12 months, you may be considering to move to Stage 3 Formula or full cream cow's milk. Depending on your child's nutrition requirement, you can select what is best for your LO. For us, we decided to go with Karihome goat's milk after trying their sample because our LO wasn't eating a lot of solids and goat's milk is known to be easier to digest with lower lactose.

We usually purchase from Shopee Supermarket bundle of 3 which is <$50 a tin during flash sales.


Here are other brands which I've tried, while they are not free it may be worth getting them as they have great reviews from many mummies and could be the one that fits your baby best!

This is a local Singapore brand known for being absorbent and comes with super nice prints. Nino nana is designed in Singapore for premium comfort and with respect to the environment. Totally Chlorine-Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan, Eco-Conscious, Maximum Absorbency, Uber-cool Designs. Great for overnight use!

Use these exclusive NINO NANA discount promo codes for extra savings:
NINOLIVE4 ($4 off $22)
NINOLIVE6 ($6 off $62.90)
NINO LIVE8 ($8 off $78)

Applecrumby Premium Overnight Diapers - there's no free sample application online but you can get their mini pack to try out. While it's pricier than other brands, I've been using this diaper for overnight (~12 hours) with NO LEAK. It also claims to be chlorine free. Definitely worth trying!

You can also purchase Biba Babe samples here! Previously it's known as Beaba.

Offspring is known for it's organic baby products using natural ingredients. Hence you can use it feeling assured that you are not exposing your LO to harmful toxins. Their diapers are also chlorine free.

R+F diapers are safe on sensitive skin, perform exceptionally and are loved by thousands of parents. Very absorbent and many recommend this for night use.

Hey Tiger is from the same company as Rascal + Friends, I would say they perform quite similarly and the only difference I could tell was the print.

🌙 Cozycove overnight diapers are super soft and great for 12 hours made from high grade organic cotton ☁️  Check out their $4 off with $4 min spend voucher plus $2 sample packs.

How did I choose the right diaper for my LO? 

  1. Get all the free samples and tried them on my LO
  2. Compare the pricing, usually $0.23/piece and below is considered a reasonable price for a day diaper, I've gotten some at $0.16/piece too like Goon and Drypers. But it's worth paying extra like $0.30-$0.40 for really good night diapers as dealing with a wet bedsheet in the middle of the night just isn't fun. 
  3. See which one works for your LO i.e. doesn't leak, no rash, no clumps.
  4. Consider using a different diaper for day and a separate one for night. Currently we use Merries / Huggies Naturemade for day and the thicker premium overnight Applecrumby diapers to last through the night!
All the best in your diaper hunt!

Tip: Do not buy in bulk until you are sure that the diaper's cutting fits your baby and doesn't cause rashes for your LO's skin. Your baby might also outgrow the size quite quickly especially Newborn sizes, so test out the samples first and see if it suits your LO!


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