Little Splashes at Serangoon Swimming Complex - Baby Swim Class Review

If you are looking for a fun and safe way to introduce your baby to swimming, you might want to consider Little Splashes with several branches on this island. I decided to visit the branch in Serangoon, just opposite the Serangoon Stadium, accessible by bus. I took my 6-month-old baby there for a free trial lesson as I received a voucher from the hospital goodie bag. Here are some of the highlights of our experience and some tips for preparing for your visit.

Note: This is not a sponsored post, I'm sharing my experience so parents can decide whether to go for their trial class.

Benefits of Swimming for Babies

Swimming is not only a great exercise for babies, but also a valuable skill that can boost their development and confidence. According to research, swimming can help babies improve their motor skills, cognitive abilities, social skills and emotional well-being. Swimming can also stimulate their senses, enhance their breathing and circulation, and reduce the risk of drowning.

Swimming is also a great bonding activity for parents and babies, as they can enjoy the water together and communicate through eye contact, touch and sound. Swimming could help babies relax and sleep better, as it releases endorphins and reduces stress hormones.

Water Conditioning Exercises

Before we went to Little Splashes, we did some water conditioning exercises at home during bath time. These exercises are designed to help babies get used to the water and learn how to hold their breath when their face comes into contact with water. We started doing these exercises when our baby was 2 months old, following the instructions from this video:

Some of the exercises include gently letting water roll on your baby's face, getting them used to the floating sensation, and moving them around the water, and gradually lowering the baby into the water until their ears submerge in the water. We always made sure to use positive reinforcement, such as smiling and encouraging baby after each exercise.

What to Bring and Prepare

For our visit to Little Splashes, we brought a reusable swim diaper, a disposable swim diaper, a swimsuit, a towel, a change of clothes, a bottle of milk and some snacks. We also brought our own shampoo and soap for showering after the lesson. 2 layer diapering is mandatory in Little Splashes!

A reusable swim diaper is a must-have for swimming with babies, as it prevents any accidents from leaking into the pool. We used this one from Pupsik

A disposable swim diaper is an extra layer of protection that goes under the reusable swim diaper. We used this one from Huggies

A swimsuit. My baby wore a thin sleeveless one as I thought it would be fine since pool was heated. But on hindsight I think it would be cold for my baby when she's not fully submerged in the water e.g. when listening to the teacher's instructions / briefing. After that I bought a neoprene thermal swimsuit for her which can be used even in non-heated pools to keep her warm and snug.

Try to ensure your baby has taken a good nap before the class and should have had their milk around one hour before the class so they won't be too tired or hungry! 

The Pools

Little Splashes at Serangoon has an indoor pool that is heated to a comfortable temperature of 31-33°C. The pools are also treated with minerals instead of chlorine, which is gentler on the baby's skin and eyes.

The pools are shallow enough for parents to stand in. The pool has some toys that can be used during the lesson. The pool is also surrounded by glass windows that allow natural light to enter and parents to watch from outside. For the first 10 minutes, the second parent can watch next to the pool, after that you'll have to watch from outside the glass windows while the main parent accompanying baby continues with the class.

The Lesson

The lesson lasted for 30 minutes and was led by a certified instructor who was very friendly and patient with our baby. There were only two babies in our class, so we got plenty of attention and guidance from the instructor.

The lesson consisted of various activities that aimed to teach our baby some basic swimming skills, such as kicking, floating, gliding and submerging. The instructor also sang some nursery rhymes that our baby was familiar with, such as "London Bridge is Falling Down" and "The Ants go Marching". The instructor used cues such as counting down or saying "ready go" before each activity, so that our baby could anticipate what was coming next.

The most exciting part of the lesson was when we submerged our baby into the water for a few seconds. The instructor showed us how to hold our baby securely under their arms and gently lower them into the water. Then we lifted them up quickly and praised them for doing a good job. Our baby did not cry or fuss at all during this part, but looked quite calmly at the instructor.

The Changing Rooms

After the lesson, we went to the changing rooms to shower and change our baby. The changing rooms were clean and spacious, with plenty of cubicles, lockers and sinks and toilets. There was no need to queue or wait for a cubicle, as there were not many people around on a weekday afternoon.

The changing rooms also had a baby care station, which had a changing table, a diaper bin and hair dryer.

Our Verdict

We had a fun time at Little Splashes and we would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to introduce their baby to swimming. The facilities were clean and well maintained, the staff were professional and friendly, and the program was well structured. Our baby enjoyed the water and had a good time.

However, we decided not to register as it was ~$50 per lesson and would require commitment for weekly lessons. We plan to send her for swimming classes when she is a bit older and able to follow instructions. The lesson itself was a really good experience and we learnt how to play in the pool with her outside of the swimming school.


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