Review of ABC Cooking Studio in Singapore

I have been a member of ABC Cooking Studio since 2019 and I'm still attending their classes today even though I've only ever signed up for one package years ago. Partly because during the Covid pandemic they extended our class tickets validity for almost 2 years. Secondly because I attended many trial classes and got more free classes when people that I referred to signed up.

I discovered ABC Cooking Studio when I was shopping at Takashimaya one day. I saw their sign for a baking trial class and I was curious. I have always wanted to bake my own cakes and breads, but I didn't know where to start. So I decided to give it a try and I signed up on that very day. They usually have a pretty attractive offer for people to sign up when they go for the trial such as waiver of membership fee. Membership is lifetime, by the way.

I bought a package of 10 cooking classes, which gave me access to a variety of cuisines and dishes such as Japanese, Western, Chinese and European style. I wanted to improve my cooking skills and expand my culinary repertoire. Of course, I could just watch some YouTube videos to learn, but nothing beats attending a live class and getting feedback from the instructor.

Their menu changes every month, so there is always something new and exciting to try. Booking a class is easy via their mobile app. You can see the schedule, the instructor and the menu.

The class structure for cooking lessons is very well-organized. The instructor will go through the lesson's recipe and give an overview of what to expect, what the ingredients are for and the sequence of steps. Then you will start getting hands-on as you will be taught how to prepare the ingredients and do the cutting, mincing, slicing, dicing, grinding, peeling. You will learn how to hold and use the knife properly and safely.

Once the preparation is all done, you will start cooking. The instructor will guide you through each step and show you how to control the heat, the timing, the seasoning and finally the presentation. You will also learn some tricks and hacks to make your cooking easier and faster.

The cooking lesson usually has a main dish, and 2 side dishes or a dessert. It takes about 2 hours in total, but it feels like time flies when you are having fun.

Pro tip:

1. Go for the trial class at Funan mall if you plan to sign up, because the receipt will earn you Capitastar points! You might be able to do so at their new outlet in Changi Jewel too as it's also a Capitaland mall.

2. Look for a member (e.g. me) to refer you to the trial class to pay a discounted rate.

Why I joined ABC as a member:

  • They wash all the dishes and utensils for you after. In Japan's ABC studio, students have to wash them themselves. So you really get to focus on the fun part - cooking!
  • Being a member allows you to refer other people to trial classes and you get to attend them for free if you wish to. They come up with new trial classes every month, so it's always something new (from Banh mi to Sakura chiffon cakes). If they sign up, you get 2 free classes (can choose from baking bread/cake/cooking).
  • Class sizes are small, only 4 pax maximum.
  • Convenient locations with MRT access i.e. in Funan, Takashimaya, Changi Jewel and Westgate Jurong.
  • It's quite a therapeutic way to unwind and just follow the instructions given, then finally enjoying the meal. Usually I bring my husband along to savour them at the end of the class.

Here are some photos I took today. We made pan-fried dumplings, mapo tofu and a soup.

If you are looking for a fun and rewarding way to learn how to cook and bake, I highly recommend ABC Cooking Studio. You will not regret it. DM me on Facebook or Instagram if you are keen to join the trial class. :)