PC Show 2017 in Singapore and DBS Paylah! + Carousell

The PC Show 2017

If you want to get a shiny new gadget or just look around to see what's the latest tech out there.. mark your calendar! The PC Show 2017 will be held from 1-4 June 2017 at Marina Bay Sands convention centre.

When I was a kid I just lovedddd IT shows like these because of the bargains and crowd (yes, I love squeezing shoulder to shoulder with random strangers and feel like I'm thissss close to a great deal!) But after a few years, the deals didn't seem as attractive and sometimes you get cheaper stuff online.

Anyway, back to the PC Show... I'll be going this weekend. Will post updates of interesting stuff found there. Stay tuned~ ;)

Today I just sold my old iPad 2 on Carousell. Fetched a surprising good price for a really old tablet. And that is exactly I love Apple gadgets. They have pretty good resale value and it is functions well after 6 years for me. I just wanted to sell it as I don't have much use for it these days. Sorry Android fans.. but I won't get an Android tablet because based on past experience, it isn't as lasting and the resale price is awful.

There is a promotion going on where you can get SGD10 when you use DBS Paylah! for your Carousell transaction! How awesome.. here are the pages you need to check out:


How to earn SGD10 via DBS Paylah! and Carousell

How to use DBS Paylah! Payment Links

So the iPad buyer today came and told me he didn't have cash.. thank goodness both of us use DBS Paylah! otherwise really inconvenient sia, have to find ATM etc.

So take note the next time to buy/sell through Carousell :D


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