Bank of China - BOC Smartsaver

Looking for a high interest rate savings accounts?

It seems like Bank of China is offering a really good alternative savings account (BOC Smartsaver), especially after OCBC 360's interest rates/terms were revised. Let's do a comparison between these two and see which one will turn out to give you the best returns!

BOC Smartsaver

Comparison table:

For both banks, the high interest rate is applicable for the first $60,000.

So let's say your salary deposit is <$6k a month and card spend is <$1,500 a month you will earn an interest of 1.95% from BOC and 1.80% from OCBC. Well, it's not a huge difference.. If you have a balance of $60,000, you will earn an extra $7.50 a month from BOC compared to what you would get from OCBC.

BUT if you are depositing salary of >$6k and also a huge credit card spender of >$1,500 then you would feel the edge by earning a whopping $67.50 more a month from BOC compared to OCBC! Not too bad eh?

Now since we are talking about their credit cards, I also saw what card BOC had to offer and was pretty impressed with BOC's Family Card. Let 's do a comparison with OCBC's 365 credit card which I'm currently using.

Selected merchants ie. BEST Denki, BIG BOX, Unity Pharmacy, Watsons and Toys ‘R’ Us also qualify for 5% under BOC.

OCBC 365 also requires a minimum spend of $600 per calendar month to enjoy these rebates otherwise it would just be 0.3% for all spending as opposed to BOC's minimum spend of $500.

At the moment, it's pretty clear that BOC Family Card is the winner here but there is no guarantee that they won't change the terms later on. Also depends which category you spend the most on.


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