DBS Visa debit card - 5% Cashback for each tap!!

DBS Visa Debit Card

I'm very puzzled each time I see a sibeh long queue at DBS ATM machines and then those OCBC and UOB ATM machines standing next to it like nobody queue one.. Waliao, all these people only have one ATM Card which is with DBS/POSB meh??

Then I walk next to them and withdraw money from the one of those lonely ATM like a boss cos I don't need to queue and after I take my money I look at those in queue with a bit of sympathy and confusion. If I were them, I would just open one more account from any other bank just to avoid this horrible lines all the time.

Anyway, if you have this DBS debit card below, you should not miss out on the 5% cashback you get for every contactless payment you make via Visa PayWave (also can use with ApplePay, SamsungPay etc). Most people around me don't seem to know about this offer so I want to highlight!

They have a condition though.. you cannot withdraw money from ATM with this card more than 3 times. CANNOT!! Which is why you should open another bank account elsewhere.. if need to withdraw money, use OCBC/UOB/SCB ATM instead of DBS ATM. Double win cos you don't need to face long queues every time and 5% cashback when you tap! Where else to find such an awesome lobang sia? ;)

Conclusion: This is one of my favourite go to cards for day-to-day spending (Paywave only can use for transactions below $100). No minimum monthly spending, good ol' 5% cashback. Syiok!!!


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