Pumping at work? Here's what to bring to make pumping a breeze!

For working moms who choose to breastfeed, pumping at the workplace is a crucial part of their journey to provide nourishment for their little ones. While it may seem daunting at first, with the right tools and organization, pumping at work can become a seamless and stress-free experience. In this blog post, we will explore the essential items that will make your pumping sessions at work efficient and convenient.

Check out my Youtube video below where I'll share what to pack:

Wearable Breast Pump:

Investing in a wearable breast pump is a game-changer for pumping at work. These pumps are lightweight, discreet, and designed to fit inside your bra, allowing you to pump hands-free. They are a lot more discreet, so you can easily multitask and continue working while expressing milk. Choose a reliable wearable breast pump that suits your needs and lifestyle, making your pumping sessions at work much more manageable.

Put them in a waterproof wetbag so in case milk spills, your other items don't get wet.

I've got the Imani i2+ and Elvie Stride. Check out my review here.

Other recommended wearable pumps to consider:


Baby Express (The new Be Nude Pro is releasing in September 2023!)

Phanpy Gen 1 (one of the most budget friendly models, there is a Gen 2 model as well)

Medela Freestyle™ Hands-free Double Electric Wearable Breast Pump (most expensive, but thin, lightweight and easy to wash with 3 parts only)

Youha The Ins (AVA) Gen 2 Handsfree with Bluetooth

Cooler Bag:

A reliable cooler bag is a must-have for storing your expressed breast milk while at work. Look for insulated bags like the Packit or Vcoool. Bring extra bottles to store the milk in the fridge and transfer to the cooler bag when you go home as these cooler bags usually last for about 3-4 hours at most.

V-coool cooler bags are compact and reasonably priced

V-coool backpack comes with a compartment for storing your pump at the top

Packit is known for selling cooler bags that come with built in gel packs at the side so you freeze the entire bag in the freezer for 12 hours before use. But I still add in ice packs as the built in ones don't seem to keep milk chilled long enough.

No access to a fridge at work?

No worries! The Ceres Chill is designed specifically long hours of breast milk storage, for 12 hours and beyond. Just put ice and some water in either the inner or outer chamber, while you store milk in the other. This insulated bottle will keep your milk fresh and cool throughout your workday, even if you don't have access to a refrigerator.

If you are using non-wearable pumps, you can even connect the flanges directly to the inner chamber and the cover to pump directly in to it!

Three ways to store liquids! You can use either method 1 or method 2 depending on the amount of breastmilk storage you need.

Wet Wipes:

Keeping a pack of wet wipes in your pumping bag is a practical idea for quick and easy clean-ups. They come in handy for wiping down your pump parts or for freshening up before and after pumping. Look for wipes that are safe for use on breast pump parts and are free from any harmful chemicals.

Cleaning tools:

At 6 months, I reduced my pumping sessions to 4 times a day. I pumped once before work, once at work, one more time when I reach home, and my last session is before I sleep. That way I don't need to clean my pump parts in the office. 

If you wish to pump more than once when outside, this all-in-one portable cleaning set (brushes, drying rack and detergent bottle) is very handy to wash on the go.

Don't want to wash or no access to the sink?

Medela's Quick Clean wipes are made for cleaning your pump parts without using water! A good option to consider if there is no where suitable to wash and dry or time is limited.

Portable Sterilizer and Dryer:

No space to dry your pump parts? This portable sterilizer and dryer will come in handy if you plan to pump multiple times during your workday. These compact devices allow you to quickly and effectively clean and dry your pump parts after each use, ensuring that your breast milk is safe for your baby.

This 59S portable sterilizer and dryer is a nifty gadget and can really dry the parts well but needs to be plugged in to work

Baby Express UV sterilizer bag is another option but has no drying mode and you only want to sterilize


Pumping at work is a commitment that requires preparation and organization. By investing in the right tools and equipment, you can make the experience smoother and more convenient. A wearable breast pump allows you to pump discreetly and hands-free, while a portable sterilizer and dryer ensure your pumping equipment is clean and safe. A reliable cooler bag keeps your breast milk fresh and ready for your little one, and wet wipes help with quick clean-ups. Lastly, a well-designed pumping bag keeps all your essentials in one place, making your pumping sessions at work hassle-free.

With these essential items in your pumping arsenal, you can confidently navigate the challenges of combining work and breastfeeding, providing the best for your baby while pursuing your professional goals. Remember that pumping at work is a journey, and finding a routine that works for you and your baby may take time. Stay patient and be proud of the commitment you are making!

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