Irresistible Japanese Curry Cheese Bread - A Fusion Delight! A simple recipe that you can make at home

Welcome to our kitchen where we're going to embark on a culinary adventure to create a mouthwatering fusion dish that combines the comforting flavors of Japanese curry with the gooey goodness of cheese, all encased in a fluffy and delightful bread. This Japanese Curry Cheese Bread recipe will surely captivate your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Let's get started!


Group A ingredients:

Bread flour                           100g
Instant dry yeast                   1 teaspoon
Sugar                                    2 tablespoon
Beaten egg                            Half an egg


Water                                     100ml
Vegetable oil                          2 tablespoon


Group B ingredients:

Bread flour                            100g
Salt                                        1/4 teaspoon

Filling (this is the fun part - you can change or add other ingredients that you like here!)

Group C ingredients:
Japanese curry sauce              130g
Curry powder                          2 teaspoon
Salt                                          To taste
Black pepper                            To taste
Worcestershire sauce               1 teaspoon
Corn starch                              1 tablespoon
Chicken meat                           6 bite sized pieces

Camembert cheese                   60g

Egg wash                                  1 1/2 egg
Bread crumbs                            30g


At least 2 mixing bowls
Measuring spoons
Weighing scale
Baking Tray
Baking paper
Microwave/Stove and Pot to cook the filling


  1. Mix all ingredients from group A in a big mixing bowl well.
  2. Mix ingredients from group B in another small mixing bowl
  3. Add in 100ml water
  4. Add in vegetable oil to big bowl and mix well
  5. Put small mixing bowl ingredients into the main big mixing bowl
  6. Knead the dough until dough is smooth (You can also use the Thermomix kneading mode here)
  7. Shape dough into ball and cover in cling wrap. Leave the bread in a hot place for 25 -35 mins to proof. One way is to put it in an oven with a cup of boiling water (without turning on the oven)

Now while waiting for the dough to ferment, let's work on the filling!

  1. Put all group C ingredients into a bowl and microwave for 2 mins, stir then microwave for another 2 mins. Alternative put in a pot and boil it for about 5-10 mins while stirring.
  2. Once the filling thickens, cover with cling wrap and put in freezer to cool down. After it's cooled down, split into 6 portions.
  3. Cut the camembert cheese into 6 pieces
  4. Now take out your dough to see if it's ready! Use a finger poke the dough, if it's doesn't collapse, means it's proofed and ready.
  5. Degas the dough by punching it.
  6. Use a weighing scale to divide the big ball of dough into 6. Reshape it into balls and place under cling wrap to rest for 10 mins.
  7. Get the egg wash bread crumbs ready in separate bowls.
  8. Take the small balls of dough now and flatten it into 12cm circles
  9. Place the cheese and curry filling in the middle.
  10. Pull up the dough to the middle and seal the seam tightly.
  11. Coat the outside with egg wash then with bread crumbs
  12. Place it on a baking tray (opening seam side facing downwards). Press a little and shape it here.
  13. Cover the baking tray to let it proof again for 15 mins. Meanwhile you can preheat the oven to 210 degrees.
  14. Remove the cover and start baking for 13 - 18 mins
  15. You're all done, enjoy!
Get creative and change the filling to your heart's desire. You can also coat the outside of the bread with other ingredients like bacon bits, cheese or mentaiko. The possibilities are endless!


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