Review of Katong Catering Mini Buffet for 10 pax + Add-ons

We recently ordered the Mini Buffet set B from Katong Catering for a small birthday party with 13 adults.  It was a great experience and I want to share my review of their food and service. Mini Buffet Set A and B has a fixed menu of items while Mini Buffet set C allow you to choose which items you prefer.

The ordering process was easy and convenient. I chose the 7-course menu with 2 add-ons from their website, which had a variety of dishes to suit different preferences. The delivery was on time at 12pm for our lunch party and the food was well-packed in boxes and labelled. Individually packed cutlery + serviette, Zappy wet wipes and disposable plates were all provided.

Food was delivered in this big bag.

The portions were reasonable and we had a lot of leftovers sufficient for a 5 pax dinner afterwards. The food was delicious and fresh, especially the seafood dishes. Here are some of the highlights of the menu:

Top: Muar Otah, Right: Mala Grilled Fish


This was a mildly spicy and flavourful dish, with tender fish fillets cooked to perfection. The mala sauce had a nice kick and aroma, but not too overpowering. There was also a lot of vege in the dish. The portion was big and even though guests said this was their favourite, we still had plenty of leftover enough for dinner


This was a bonus dish that I added to the menu, as I love otah. It was spicy and fragrant, with generous chunks of fish paste wrapped in banana leaves. It had a nice smoky flavour from the grilling.

BBQ Chicken and Japanese garlic fried rice


This was another crowd-pleaser, with moist and tender chicken pieces glazed with a smoky and tangy sauce. The chicken was well-marinated, but maybe a bit too sweet for my taste. Portions were good as well, and we kept a lot for dinner.


This was a hearty and satisfying dish, with fluffy rice fried with eggs and garlic. It had a nice fragrance and texture, and went well with the other dishes. This was a favourite too and had almost nothing left.

Honey mayo prawns and sotong you tiao


These were succulent and juicy, coated with a creamy and sweet sauce. They were a hit with everyone and disappeared quickly. There were 20 pieces of these big prawns.

SOTONG DOUGH FRITTERS (Served w/ Garlic Aioli Dip): 

Unfortunately they forgot to pack the garlic aioli dip for me. The dough fritters itself were crispy and chewy, with chunks of sotong inside the dough fritters. It was still an enjoyable dish

Chicken yakitori skewers and Vege in oyster sauce


These were another bonus dish that I added to the menu, as I wanted some more meat options. They were tender and juicy, skewered with onions and peppers, and glazed with a sweet and savoury sauce, but again was a bit too sweet for my personal liking.


This was a simple but tasty vegetable dish, with crisp and fresh vegetable stir-fried in a savoury oyster sauce. It was a good balance to the other rich dishes.


This was a refreshing and soothing dessert, with soft white fungus, sweet reddates, and juicy lychees in a light syrup. It was a nice way to end the meal. we had >50% left. Perhaps because the disposable bowls provided were so small, people only took a small scoop and were lazy to get more helpings. A bigger serving bowl would have been better.

Lychee snow fungus dessert


it was a bit disappointing as there were only vegetables. However, if you are a vegetable fan, this might suit your taste. The taste was a bit bland. There was a lot leftover for dinner.

Vegetarian bento

Overall, I was satisified with Katong Catering and would recommend them to anyone looking for quality and affordable catering services. Their prices were slightly cheaper than other big names and I found plenty of good reviews on their food which convinced me to proceed with them.

They have a wide range of menus to suit different occasions and budgets, and their food is delicious and satisfying. Thank you Katong Catering for making my birthday party a memorable one!


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