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I visited the new gourmet park at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore last weekend and I want to share my experience with you. The gourmet park is a food paradise with a variety of cuisines and dishes to choose from. It is located near the Universal Studios Singapore, so you can easily combine a day of fun and food. To get there, you can take a monorail from VivoCity Mall (Harbourfront MRT station) and alight at Resorts World. The monorail fee is $4 per person, but you can get a concession rate of $2 if you are eligible. The return trip from the Sentosa island back to VivoCity is free for everyone.

The gourmet park has a spacious and modern design, with plenty of seating areas. However, it is not very baby-friendly, as there are no high chairs available. You might have to hold your baby on your lap while eating, which can be inconvenient. The food prices are also on the higher end, with most dishes costing more than $10 and averaging at $15 per dish. It seems that the gourmet park is targeting more tourists than locals.

I've added the menu to almost all the stalls at the end of this post so you can decide if it's worth making a trip down South for the food here.

I tried two stalls at the gourmet park: Blue Lotus and Chun Noodles. Here are my reviews of them:

Blue Lotus - This stall specializes in Chinese seafood dishes with a twist. I ordered the Signature Chilli Pomelo Crab Meat Rice Bowl ($19) and the Garlic Butter King Prawns Rice Bowl ($17). The crab meat rice bowl was spicy and tangy, with a generous amount of crab meat and pomelo bits. The prawns were huge and fresh, but the garlic butter sauce was not very flavorful. The portion size was not very big and there were no vegetables in the bowl, so it did not feel like a balanced meal. I would recommend this dish if you like spicy seafood, but not if you are very hungry or health-conscious.

Chun Noodles - This stall serves wanton noodles with different toppings and broths. I had the Signature Char Siu Noodles - Dry ($10.80) and the Truffle Wagyu Tonkotsu Noodle ($16.20). The char siu noodles had tender and sweet roasted pork slices, but the noodles were too salty for my taste. The truffle wagyu noodles had a rich and aromatic truffle broth, but the wagyu beef was tough and chewy. I expected the beef to be more tender and melt-in-your-mouth. The noodles were also slightly overcooked and soggy. I was disappointed by this dish, as it did not live up to its price tag.

After eating, I walked around the resort and checked out some of the attractions nearby. There is a Bunnyverse exhibit where you can see cute bunny sculptures and take photos with them. There is also a casino and a Van Gogh Singapore Immersive Experience where you can admire the famous paintings of the Dutch artist in a 360-degree projection. If you are an art lover, you might enjoy this exhibit.

Lots of bunnies around this area in different colours and designs

You can visit the souvenir store here 

Overall, I had a mixed experience at the gourmet park. Some of the dishes were good, but some were not worth the money. The gourmet park is a nice place to try different cuisines and enjoy the resort atmosphere, but it is not very budget-friendly or family-friendly. I would suggest that you visit the gourmet park only if you are looking for a splurge or a special occasion.

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Menu for each Food Truck

Chun Noodle Bar

Jamba (Juices and Smoothies)

Spank My Dough

They didn't seem to have savoury options, so I skipped this stall

Mad Roaster Coffee and Toast

Dickson Nasi Lemak

I wanted to order this but the wait was too long - the stall was only managed by one guy and he couldn't seem to cope with so many orders.

Blue Smoke

Quattro Pizza

Seafood Bar

Blue Lotus (Chinese cuisine)

Good Burger

Lavi Taco

Luke's Lobster

Kotuwa (Sri Lankan food)

Queic & Olivia Market

The Kathi Roll Co. (Indian cuisine)


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