Jjigae Jjigae - Raffles Place Collagen Hot Pot and Korean Rice balls

Time for another food review! I discovered this restaurant when I was strolling around Raffles Place Xchange, checking out Irvins Salted Egg Chips for free samples and so on.. Fun fact: Jjigae Jjigae is opened by the owners of Soup Spoon.

Here's the menu for your reference. They had promotion for set dinner for 2 which comprises hot pot and rice ball for a discounted price. Good deal!

Their menu is pretty straightforward and not really a huge variety of choices, but was enough for me as they had the flavours that I love. So, on one page you see the rice balls and second page you can see their collagen hot pot choices.

You get gloves to roll those rice balls yourself by the way, and it was oh so delicious!! If you don't fancy rolling up your rice, you can still eat with fork and spoon, but that takes out the whole fun of it. ;)

To give you an idea of how much I really enjoyed my visit here, I have to tell you that I went to Jjigae Jjigae for lunch, ordered this bowl of crab meat and roe rice balls.. and then came back to this place ON THE SAME DAY for dinner. This time I brought an accomplice along and we took the set dinner so that I could try out the hotpot as well.

Look at the juicy crab roe, real crab meat, seaweed, flavoured rice, a dollop of mayo and to top it all off.. chilli padi. It goes surprisingly well and adds a good kick to your rice balls especially if you like your food spicy. Seriously, I finished this the fasted among my friends who dined with me that day.
This was my dinner.. the hot pot had toppoki,  cheese, mushrooms, a choice of beef/chicken, vegetables and so on. The soup was rich and felt nutritious. It might even give your skin a healthy glow if you believe in the collagen stuff. ;) Not bad at all!

Price: 8/10 Reasonable for CBD area, expect to spend $10-$20 here
Service: 8/10 Staff were quite helpful and attentive
Food: 9/10 Love the flavourful rice balls here, seriously. Coming twice on the same day?!
Overall: 8/10

Nearest MRT: Raffles Place (few minutes walk)

Jjigae Jjigae
5 Raffles Place, #B1-65 Raffles Xchange Singapore 048618 (Raffles Place MRT)
Tel: +65 62219801


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