Free workout classes by MOH

Have you always wanted to join those Zumba classes but feel that a gym membership would be too costly? Well, great news! Ministry of Health via Health Hub organises many free workout classes throughout the week and it's at various locations spread across Singapore under the Get Active Programme.

So far I have joined "Fitness @ Work", "Sundays at the Park" and I've also seen people at the "Mall Aerobics" event. The workouts are a mixture of Zumba, Kpopxfitness, cardio blast etc.

As the name suggests, Fitness @ Work are classes held on weekdays after work and are usually at office areas such as CBD, Plaza Singapura, Marina Square, Sportshub and The Lawn (near Marina Bay Financial Centre). It's super convenient as there is one just behind my office building so I have no excuse not to get my bum up and start movin'. The turnout is usually quite good with many ladies attending and dancing with full of zest and shake to the catchy beats.

On Sundays, they organise it at parks near HDBs and so happen there is one about 500m away from home. The crowd this time was much smaller (around 20 people) and we got to see the trainer up close with some personal attention. Personally I preferred this session over the huge crowd after work as it was difficult to keep up with the steps when the trainer was standing too far away.

It's very motivating when you dance with a big group of people and one hour will fly by in the blink of an eye. At first you may feel a little shy dancing in public, but hey, no one will judge you. Just let loose and have fun while giving your body a good cardio exercise! ;)

I would definitely consider this a lobang as not everyone knows about these free events until I stumbled upon the website by chance one day. There are so many to choose from there is bound to be one that you can fit into your schedule.

For more information and the schedule of all events, check out their Get Active's webpage.


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