Review of City Hotpot at Sengkang Grand Mall

Here's a video from my latest visit:

If you are looking for a satisfying and budget-friendly hotpot experience, you should definitely check out City Hotpot at Sengkang Grand mall. This place offers affordable set meals that come with a variety of ingredients, such as meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles and more. You can also choose your own soup base from a range of options, such as herbal chicken, tomato, laksa, tom yum, mala and fish soup. 

Place your order using your own phone with just a few clicks.

The best part is that each person gets their own individual pot, so you don't have to worry about sharing or cross-contamination if you have dietary restrictions or preferences. Of course, you can also share with your friends or family if you like.

Want to enjoy a hotpot meal alone? No problem!

One of the highlights of City Hotpot is the sauce bar, where you can create your own dipping sauce from a wide array of condiments and side dishes. You can find everything from sesame, mushroom, minced beef, thai chilli, fried garlic, coriander, peanuts, to kimchi and pickles. The sauce bar is free of charge and unlimited, unlike some other hotpot places that charge an extra fee for sauces.

The sauces are so shiok and goes very well with the ingredients

Another thing that impressed me was the quality of the meat, especially the wagyu beef slices. They were so tender and juicy that they melted in my mouth. I also enjoyed the fish soup base, which was unique and flavourful. It had a nice balance of sweetness and rich umami flavour, and went well with all the ingredients. The ambiance of the restaurant was also great, with nice mandopop music playing in the background and friendly staff who were attentive and helpful.

A hearty balanced meal with lots of vege, meat and some carbs.

I'm a cockle (siham) fan and this is undoubtedly my favourite item on the menu!

Overall, I had a wonderful time at City Hotpot and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves hotpot. It is a great place to enjoy a hearty meal with your loved ones without breaking the bank.

Total cost: ~$30 per person for the set lunch
Opens daily from 11:30am - 10pm


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