[Update: 9 - 11 Sept exclusive 100% vouchers] Ultimate guide to the BEST DEALS on LAZADA by stacking multiple discounts all in one!

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I'm often comparing prices between the various online shopping platforms like Shopee and Lazada to find the best deals. In recent months, Lazada seems to have been getting more aggressive in promotions to increase their market share. 

Did you know that you can save even more money on your purchases by stacking multiple discounts? In this post, I will share with you some tips and tricks on how to get the best deal on Lazada by using various vouchers, coins, cashback and add-on deals.

Collect Lazada Platform vouchers

This is where you can get direct discount, cashback, free shipping and LazBonus (e.g. $6 OFF every $80) vouchers. Depending on the voucher's T&C, they could be applied to selected items tagged with "Everyday Cashback" or specific item categories. Some of these vouchers are limited in quantity or time, so make sure to claim and use them as soon as possible.

Further down this page is also where you can collect Bank Vouchers for your credit card (e.g. Citibank, DBS, Maybank). If you have a credit card from one of the participating banks, you can also get additional discounts by using their vouchers. Select the correct credit card when making payment and they can be used together with the other platform vouchers mentioned above. Some of these vouchers require a minimum spend or a specific product category, so read the terms and conditions.

Exclusive Voucher Page for Affiliate Followers 

Collect more exclusive vouchers from my affiliate Lazada page. As a loyal reader of my blog, you can enjoy more benefits by visiting my affiliate Lazada page here. There, you will find more vouchers released from time to time by Lazada, such as "100% cashback up to $5" or "$10 off with $30 spend". These vouchers are updated regularly, so check back often to see what's new.

Collect coins daily

Coins are another way to save money on Lazada. You can earn coins by playing games, watching videos, browsing products or completing missions on the app. You can then use these coins to redeem vouchers or products in the "Rewards Store". You can also use them to offset your purchase amount at checkout. While not all items can use coins, there is no harm in collecting them and it will come in handy! The Coins page also shows you the deals that accept coins 😉

Collect store vouchers 

Collect store vouchers for the items that you are purchasing. Besides the platform and bank vouchers, you can also look for store vouchers that are specific to the seller or the product that you are buying. These vouchers are usually found on the seller's store page or you can just get them at the cart as shown below.

Add-on Deals!

Also at your cart, check for any Add-on Deals. During special sales for big ticket items like Roborock vacuums and Medela breastpumps for example, you may be able to add $1 and get attractive gifts like an air fryer, kitchen stand mixer or baby bottle sterilizer + dryer. These add-on deals are limited in quantity and time, so act fast if you see something you like.

All Day, Everyday Cashback 💰

Look out for items tagged with the "Everyday Cashback" logo as those allow you to also earn cashback on your purchases on top of the discounts mentioned earlier. Cashback is another way to save money on Lazada. You can earn cashback by buying products that are tagged with "Everyday Cashback" on the app or the website. The cashback amount varies depending on the product and the seller, but it can range from 6% to 100% (yep 100%!). The cashback will be credited to your wallet after your order is marked as received.

You can use up to a maximum of $10 cashback to offset your next purchase per order if you are buying an "Everyday cashback" item.

Look out for this logo!

You'll see it shown on the item's picture

Groceries also can save

Buying dry and bulky groceries like rice, toilet paper, detergent, sauces, diapers and milk powder? Buy from Laz Mama Shop! It's operated by the same team as Redmart. You can utilize your previously hard earned cashback up to $10 per order and free delivery with $40 purchase. That's an easy way to use the accumulated cashback from your previous purchases. Confirm save money!

Timing is everything

Prices fluctuate often especially for certain products. Look out for sales on 25th of each month and double digit day sales. I usually find the best deals at 12am, and end up with dark circles the next morning as I stayed up late to shop. But when something is labelled as Flash Sales, it may not always be the cheapest, so do keep track of prices so you can tell if the item is genuinely a bargain or not.

Credit card cashback

Use a credit card that offers the best cashback for online purchases. I've been using the SMRT Cashback Citibank credit card which offers 5% SMRT$ which can be offset with your future card bills. The requirement is that you spend $500 cumulatively in that calendar month to qualify. And the best part? You can accumulate a maximum of SMRT$600 within the past 12 months. So you if you have a huge bill of $5,000 worth of online and grocery shopping this month, you could earn a whopping $250 cashback just for this purchase! Most other cards have a much smaller monthly cap.

Extracted from Moneysmart.sg

Case Study:

Over here, the item was originally priced at $1,099.

Applied Lazada Bonus voucher -$78
Applied shop voucher -$130
Applied coins -$11
Applied cashback -$10
SMRT$ card cashback earned -$43 (5% x $871)
Shipping is free

Total saved today $272 or 25% discount from the selling price.

And that's before including the cashback earned for future purchases of $53!


By following these tips and tricks, you can get the best deal on Lazada by stacking multiple discounts. Save money and get more value for your purchases. Happy shopping!

Let me know if you'd like to read my guide on getting the best deals on Shopee and Qoo10 as well.


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