Regrow Herbal Hair Treatment Review

I recently visited Regrow Herbal Hair Treatment Salon to try their herbal hair treatment for my thinning hair which got worst postpartum. I was impressed by their service and results, so I will be sharing my experience here.

I first got to know them through Shopee and tried their popular hair tonic which I've really enjoyed using for the past few months as it's very cooling and soothing for oily scalp and has helped with hair loss.

Regrow Herbal Hair Treatment Salon is owned by Thomas Thong, who is a certified hair loss specialist with the US Trichology Institute and American Medical Certification Association. He has more than 10 years of experience in treating various scalp and hair problems, using natural and effective herbal products.

The salon is located near Chinese Garden MRT in Jurong, and it has a clean and comfortable environment. The staff are courteous and professional, and they will explain the process and the benefits of each treatment to you but there is no hard-selling of packages or treatments which I've encountered before at some other hair salons.

When I arrived, they did a scalp analysis for me using a special device that magnified my hair follicles and showed them on a tablet. They took photos of different areas of my scalp to record my condition, which was quite clogged and oily. They recommended me a Scalp Peeling SPA treatment ($30) to remove the dead skin cells and impurities from my scalp, followed by a 90-minute intensive herbal hair treatment ($42-$70 depending on hair length) to nourish and stimulate my hair growth.

Oily scalp and clogged hair follicles

The Scalp Peeling SPA treatment was very refreshing and relaxing. They applied a peeling gel on my scalp and massaged it gently to exfoliate my scalp. Then they rinsed it off with warm water and shampooed my hair. Scroll down below to see the results!

The 90 minutes intensive herbal hair treatment consisted of seven steps, each using a different herbal product that smelled nice and felt soothing on my scalp. They also gave me a scalp massage in between the steps, which was very relaxing and helped to improve blood circulation. 

The herbal paste used contains natural henna coloring so it helps to conceal white hair as well if you have any. 

I enjoyed watching a drama on my tablet while they did the treatment, as they provided free wifi for their customers.

This is the hair steaming step

After the treatment, they did another scalp analysis for me and showed me the difference. My scalp looked much cleaner and healthier, and my hair felt softer and smoother. 

They also gave me some tips on how to take care of my hair at home, such as using Regrow's Ginger scalp treatment before shampooing and applying Regrow's Hair Growth Tonic twice a day.

Regrow's Ginger scalp treatment is a natural product that helps to cleanse the scalp, balance the oil secretion, and prevent dandruff.

Regrow's Hair Growth Tonic is a herbal spray that cools and nourishes the scalp, strengthens the hair roots, and promotes hair growth. I have been using them for a few weeks now, and I can see some improvement in my hair condition.

I am happy with the service at Regrow Herbal Hair Treatment Salon, as they offer affordable and natural herbal treatments for hair loss problems, without any hard selling or hidden charges. I would recommend them if you are looking for something to improve your scalp and hair health.

Below is their price list and you can enjoy 50% off your first herbal hair treatment! Other times you can also purchase their hair treatment and products on their Shopee page! I heard that they will be opening more outlets in Singapore in 2024 so that would be very convenient for those who do not live in the West area.
Whatsapp: +65-8815-8071

How to get there:
8 mins walk from Chinese Garden MRT or
🚌Bus 335 from Chinese Garden MRT (Opp Chinese Gdn Stn) to Blk 114

Closed: Wednesday and Public Holidays
Website: (you can make an appointment on their page)