Pramwash Singapore Review @ Vivocity

If you are a parent, you know how messy and dirty strollers, car seats and other beddings can get. From food spills to diaper leaks, these items can harbor bacteria and germs that are harmful to your baby's health. That's why I was so happy to discover Pramwash, a company that provides cleaning services for these items.

Pramwash is not just a regular cleaning service. They use specialized equipment and products to deep clean, sanitize and deodorize your baby's gear. They also offer UV sterilization, which kills 99.9% of germs and viruses. Their staff are trained and experienced in handling different types of fabrics and materials, so you can trust them to take good care of your items.

What I love about Pramwash is how convenient and fast their service is. I went to the outlet at Vivocity at the basement, at a corner close to Fairprice. You can book a slot online, choose from different packages and add-ons, and pay securely with your credit card. Then, you just need to drop off your items at their outlet and collect them when they are done. The fastest one takes only 30 minutes, which is perfect if you are in a hurry or have other errands to run.

I recently tried their service for my stroller, which had some stubborn stains and a funky smell. I was amazed by how clean and fresh it looked and smelled after Pramwash. It was like getting a brand new stroller! My baby also seemed more comfortable and happy in it. I would definitely recommend Pramwash to anyone who wants to keep their baby's gear clean and safe.

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Stroller all nice and clean after a 30 min 'Lite' wash. I paid $19 after discount which I felt was well worth it. It's the first time doing a deep clean of the stroller since 13 months ago. It was so dirty after our holiday as we checked in the stroller at the airport.

Here's their price list for your reference. They cover a pretty wide range of items and have different level of cleaning depending on what you need e.g. washing off poo/pee/vomit/mould would require Ultimate level while normal vacuum, wipe, steam sanitize and UV sterilize would come under Lite.

Conclusion: I would definitely visit them again when my stroller gets too dirty! The location is so convenient which is a plus. They also have pick up and drop off service if your item is too bulky such as mattress and playpens.


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