Lexware Lab Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

For the iPhone

This app specifically says that it does NOT support iPod Touch. However, I only have an iPod Touch and I was desperate to give this app a try.

How to use the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock with an iPod Touch:

  • Go to settings and reduce Brightness to the LOWEST level
  • Some say put Auto-lock as "Never" but I think it doesn't matter
Now, to the review of the app itself.

Firstly, the sleep graphs generated were quite interesting too look at and seemed quite realistic to me. Now I know why I still feel tired in the day although I've slept for about 8 hours. The following are some of the sleep graphs generated by my iPod.

As you can see from the 3 graphs above, alot of the time, I was at a very light sleep stage, only occasionally going into the dreaming stage. Let's compare it with a typical text book sleep graph found on LexwareLabs.com

Over here, the line almost never touches the awake stage of the graph. I'm not sure if this is real or not, but it certainly is very different from mine.

Now, about the Alarm Clock

It managed to wake me up with a soothing sound even though it wasn't loud and intrusive like my usual alarm sounds. Quite surprising BUT it could be due to the fact that I'm almost always at the light sleep stage so it would be quite easy to wake me up.

Battery Consumption

I actually have a timer connected to the charger so that it doesn't charge the whole night. Eg: Charges for 1 hour than takes a break of 2 hours and so on..

But if it isn't charged at all, this app will use up a fully charged battery after 6 hours or so based on my iPod Touch 2nd Gen.


So far this app made me realise that I need to cure my sleeping problem so that I can really wake up energised and not be like a zombie the whole day! Can someone recommend me on how I can sleep better? =) Like, seriously..


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